Test di livello

Where you live?

Excuse me, you tell me where the station is?

Albert works in a secondary school. He's a .

I bought a book from the .

I know how to spell this word but I don't know how to it.

After dinner I the washing up.

Have you got a passport? Yes, I .

Adriana has her own flat, but Sophie still lives her mother.

I can't my car keys. Do you know where they are?

This is Gregory. He from London.

Where's Harriet? She isn't here. She's home.

Simon isn't married. He's .

Natalia born in 1978.

Your stereo is too loud. Could you turn it a bit, please?

I'm looking a book about classical music. Have you got one?

We couldn't get on the bus because it was .

How does this DVD cost?

I am 25 and my sister is 20, so my sister is than me.

The aeroplane took at 10:00.

In my job I must get up early, but I wear a uniform.

Where you go on holiday?

It was cold so I put a sweater.

You can buy a newspaper from a .

I'm bored. Why we go to the cinema?

This coupon will give you a 15 per cent .

Yesterday we to the seaside in our new car.

We arrived at the station ten minutes late so we the train.

Where is Veronica? She lunch at the moment.

I need a new hammer. I'll get one from the .

How do you to school? I walk, most of the time.

If you take the train, you arrive at the conference earlier.

Make yourself a drink if you like. There's tea in that cupboard.

I start work at 5:30 in the morning so I get up early.

This software company more programs in the last ten years than any other company.

Not all birds fly. The ones that are called flightless birds.

The garage is on the left of the supermarket and the theatre is on the right of the supermarket. So that means the supermarket is the garage and theatre.

I left a bowl of water for the dog when I went to work. When I got home again the dog all of the water.

How did you burn your hand?
I took something out of the oven while it hot.

What do you do in your spare time?
I really enjoy .

I'm off now.
When back?

What's wrong with this CD?

You need to slow down. You'll make mistakes if you do the job .

There are too envelopes in this packet. There should only be 30.

Are you ready to ?
Yes, please. I'll have the steak and my partner will have the fish salad.

What are you doing tomorrow? I'm not sure. It the weather.

As I for the train, my mobile phone rang.

Be careful with that flower pot. Look out! It off the table!

A lot of silver by the photographic industry for black-and-white camera film.

I know that the television is broken. Someone told me yesterday. I a repair man later this week.

When I was younger there be three cinemas in this town. Now there is only one.

What if your doctor told you to lose weight?

Dora was arrested for . She had taken three T-shirts from a department store without paying for them.

Would you like to read this book?
No, thank you. I it.

Why do you have so little money all the time when you have such a good job?
Because although I a lot, I spend a lot as well.

I need a belt because these trousers are too large. They don't fit round my properly.

I'm just going outside for five minutes. Could you the cooking while I'm gone?

I'm starting a new job next week.
? That sounds interesting.

Where would you go if visit any country in the world?

I haven't got anything to write with. Could you me a pen, please?