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2. Active participation in lessons

The teaching programme for BLC4u courses is very similar to the programme of conventional school courses.  You have unlimited access to teaching materials at your level and you may study as you wish, at a time and place of your own choosing, regardless of whether you are in Warsaw, Berlin, Monaco or anywhere else.


Practical exercises which develop your communicative ability in English in concrete "real life" situations, such as: in a shop, at a hotel, at the doctor's, in a business or work conversation etc.

Simulated dialogues in English, thanks to which you learn quickly and communicate effectively, and correctly ask and answer questions.

Articles and dialogues
Realistic, practical English of the kind used by people from English-speaking countries.  This section has been entirely created by teachers from such countries.

Assessment Tests
Assessment is an essential step towards obtaining success.  In order to be certain that you are on the best route to fluency, BLC4u teachers have prepared for you progress tests.  Thanks to these, you are able to continue the course at the next levels.  The progress tests provide you with detailed information on what you are good at as well as areas you need to practise further before going on the next level of study.

Theoretical exercises
In the theoretical section you familiarise yourself with English grammar.  All the information is available for you to print and use whenever you need for revision.

Letters, e-mails and faxes
Learn how to write emails, faxes and all kinds of formal and informal letters, and more importantly try out what you have learned in practice.

Detailed reports of your progress
You will receive detailed reports containing the results you obtain from your studies.


GRAMMAR The theoretical and practical section introduces and revises the most important grammatical structures, which make it possible for you to communicate smoothly and effectively in English.
USE OF ENGLISH The practical section strengthens your grammatical-lexical ability as well as your ability to use English in the appropriate context.
READING The practical section strengthens your ability to understand written texts and to find key information in them.
LISTENING The practical section strengthens your ability to understand spoken texts, dialogues, announcements and speech in English.
SPEAKING The practical section strengthens your communicative ability in English in concrete, "real-life" situations such as shops, hotels, restaurants, at the doctor's, in conversations at work or on business trips etc.
WRITING The theoretical and practical section teaches you how to express yourself in writing in a wide range of "real-life" situations such as: writing your CV, making a complaint, writing faxes, emails, postcards, letters etc. 

Every section at a particular level has been designed so that the material from one section leads onto and consolidates the others.  Thanks to this, the material from the first section that you study from naturally widens and consolidates your knowledge of English in each higher section of the course.

The average time needed for one section is about 4 hours (depending on the level), so the average time needed for one unit is about 20-24 hours of study.

To obtain optimal results from on monthly unit, it is best to study twice a week for 2 hours a lesson, e.g. on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

In order to proceed to a higher level (or to the next section), you need to score well for every section of language ability.

  • Every audio recording has been created by native speakers.
  • Consultations teach you practical, everyday language.
  • A knowledge of English can boost your earnings.
  • Taking an ELSA examination means you do not need to take a language examination when studying in Britain.

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